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Things have been changing in the culture of Christian youth today. They are not longer shy about their Faith. What used to be hidden is now proudly displayed for the world to see. Christian teens and young adults are now finding ways to express their belief in the Lord with pride and without apologies.

The bond of young Christians are often being started at their churches youth groups. Here they study the Bible and talk about their relationships with Jesus. Meeting up with other young Christians is very helpful for talking about social pressures and not conforming to the lifestyle crammed down their throats by music, television, and other kids at school.

The youth groups take their commitment to the Lord a step further when they go on mission trips together. Working together doing the Lord’s work, and seeing the changes they can make in the lives of others really strengthens their Faith. It’s not uncommon for these mission trips being the trigger that makes the youth officially commit their lives to Christ.

Their strong Christian Faith will begin to show up in their daily lives. Christian t-shirts and clothing are becoming more popular than ever. There are stylish Christian t-shirts with strong messages that both display their Faith to the world, while at the same time, look cool. It doesn’t stop at t-shirts either. There are now Christian shoes, sweatshirts, caps, sunglasses, almost any piece of clothing that can be worn.

There is also Christian jewelry. Purity rings are especially popular for those who want to show that they are saving themselves for marriage. Other Christian jewelry worn are necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry with such Christian symbols as the Ichthus and Cross.

The Christian culture is also showing itself in the music they listen to. With so much of the popular music of today having questionable moral messages, there is a rise in music with a Christian message. There is Christian hip hop, acoustic music, heavy metal, country pop and more.

Christian concerts and festivals are popping up around the nation. Such artists as Michael W. Smith put on worship concerts, where there is a strong message tied in to the music. Some of the Christian artists are crossover musicians like Amy Grant, who is appreciated for both her beautiful voice and music and for her Christian themed message. Switchfoot is another band that attracts listeners who are both secular and Christian.

The author is publisher of the Online Christian Shopper.