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Secure, encrypted, personal, cloud data preservation is crucial in protecting your legacy for eternity.

MemoryBank is revolutionary cloud technology that is making the world a better place through accurate personal legacy preservation. Succeeding generations will be provided with the accurate legacy you leave to them, not the fallacious remnants of Internet trash collected and served by the tech giants.

The MemoryBank beta launch is a small step towards the rest of your life, the rest of your children’s life, the rest of your children’s children’s life, and the infinite life of who you are. Initial curation and preservation of text, correspondences, photographs, events, social media, music, video, and so much more are building blocks for your legacy.

MemoryBank is committed to protecting and preserving your legacy in life and in afterlife with Proprietary, Disruptive, Elastic Cloud Software behind Military Grade Encryption. MemoryBank’s memory technology reaches far past the surface of data and our mission is to provide humans with a way to capture and preserve rich, real memories.

The visionaries at MemoryBank have identified the desire for a digital experience that provides memories with the care and consideration they deserve. Our optics are that these memories are to be enjoyed by only those who you decide to share those memories with; friends, family, and future generations. Legacy and Memory sharing can be Private (only enjoyed by yourself), Limited (shared with designated individuals and/or groups), or Public (shared with the world). Privacy options are controlled BY YOU and can be customized and automated to meet your needs and desires.

MemoryBank has designed an intuitive experience that seamlessly integrates into your life, then safely and securely stores your memories, while surfacing them intelligently to you and your loved ones, based upon your directions. MemoryBank is a social system which has the ability to integrate into your Inner Circle when you decide to share memories with others, who in turn can also contribute to those memories.

Your Inner Circle is 100% defined by you privately, it can be as large or small or as you like. YOU determine the Inner Circle for every one of your involved memories. Some memories are best shared with certain people, some with the world, and some are best enjoyed alone.

There is a lot of excitement leading up to the Beta Launch of MemoryBank. A great deal of time, a great deal of creativity, a great deal of investment, a great deal of development, and a great deal of fine Kona Coffee have gone into this project. We are blessed to have an extraordinary talented team of extremely driven people that have united to form the trailblazing MemoryBank.

Most importantly, we are looking for very important, unique users. MemoryBank is built by people for people. People are the purpose; amazing people are required to maximize the potential and the success of MemoryBank and the future success of your legacy.

If you are interested in participating in the successful launch of MemoryBank please signup now. There is no cost involved and your privacy is essential to our success, we will guard it for eternity.

We look forward to meeting the real you.

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