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Faith and Playing Guitar



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As a parent, you need to support and encourage your child through out their adulthood because it will determine their life in the future. More specifically you need to support their overall development from mental, physical, emotional, social and most importantly their spiritual life so that will they become the person you want them to be in the future. You should encourage the mental needs of your child in the form of play and study. Physical development on the other hand should also be properly promoted to keep your child in a healthy state.

Another priority is resolving the emotional issues of your child so that it will not affect them when time comes. The social interest of your child is to be considered so that they can interact, communicate and gain self confidence. The last aspect is their spiritual life; as you may notice, kids that are spiritually fulfilled grow and approach life differently.

Some parents forget to instill their kids the value of faith and the importance of God because of their dynamic, busy and science filled life. These days, we should learn to pause a while, take a moment of silence and reflect to thank the Lord for everything we received. Expressing praise to the Lord has different ways not only through reflections and prayers. You can for instance teach your kid the virtue of humility, helping other people in need in their own little ways, doing acts of kindness and more importantly teaching them to sing praises through Christian guitar and other kids guitar lessons.

There are many guitar lessons for your kids you just have to be persistent in looking for one. Your kids will surely enjoy their summer vacation if they do something worthy right? As a parent, aside from cultivating their talents, you can also teach them to praise and give thanks to the Lord in their own little way. You can either choose to enroll your kids at any music schools that are more expensive or you can effectively search for instructional videos that will suit them best which are lesser expensive. Kids ages 5-9 will surely benefit music lessons so that as early as their childhood, they will learn how to play musical instruments especially for worshiping. These videos will teach your kid the basics of guitar like proper hand position, chords and other basic things. What is great is that these videos are designed for kids that are easy to comprehend and easy to follow that promise fast results for the advantage of your kids.

These videos can be found on Christian stores and other bookstores near you. Since it can be done in the comforts of your homes, you can join your kid in the process that way you will have enough bonding moments together. It is not only for kids, grandparents and other relatives can also benefit from such. This package is not that expensive with the inclusions DVD’s with 7 lessons, downloadable e-Books and if you want, you can also purchase the guitar to be used by your kids.

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