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Christian chat rooms are becoming popular nowadays, allowing fellow Christians to engage in chat conversation, forums, message boards and even online games. Various Christian dating websites offer Christian chat rooms as a free service. Some of these chat rooms even offer free Christian study programs and Christian bible studies. There are chat rooms for single women, chat rooms for single men, chat rooms for couples and chat rooms for families.

Normally, members are grouped according to age. There are Christian chat rooms for teenagers-normally 13 up, for young adults with ages ranging from 18 to 35 and still others have chat rooms for senior citizens. Children under 13 years of age are not allowed to enter these Christian chat rooms.

Volunteer moderators are always present to monitor the chat rooms. Even so, since Christian chat rooms are offered as a free service, the owner of the website holds no liability over what is said and what goes on during the chat conversation. It is important to always read the agreement before signing up for the service. Use of the service signifies that the participant completely agrees with the terms and conditions of the website.

Christian chat rooms though free always come with rules and guidelines that if not followed will give the website the right to ban anyone from using the service if deemed necessary. Reasons for such actions may include disrespectful or abusive language, if the participant is causing disturbance or annoying other participants on purpose.

Almost every aspect of your participation to the Christian chat rooms needs to pass moderation. The pictures that are to be posted and even the log in names to be used can’t be provocative. These chat rooms are provided as a means to minister to the lost and to promote Christian fellowship. Christian etiquette should be observed at all times in these chat rooms. Even the use of CAPS lock may be seen as offensive thus is discouraged as flooding is also frowned upon.

Christian websites that offer these Christian chat rooms as a free service promotes genuine Christ-like love in that there is no racial discrimination. It doesn’t matter what your skin color or even your religious affiliation. Just like salvation, it is available for all. Thus, arguments even those religious in nature will not be tolerated. A healthy discussion, of course, is always welcome on all Christian chat rooms. Respect for each and every participant is required throughout the chat conversation. Christian chat rooms are a place for fellowship and not war. Words of profanity, language that is vulgar or sexual in nature are prohibited.

So why not try and sign up for free to experience this wonderful chance to fellowship with Christians here and around the globe. Whether you are a Christian single looking for your future husband or wife, or just someone who longs for fellowship, these Christian chat rooms will be the best venue to start with. One website that you can check out is Jesus Cares. They offer quality Christian chat rooms free and all you have to do is just sign up.