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5 Christian Dating Myths Debunked



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There are several myths surrounding Christian dating which most Christian singles fall into. Just like any culture there are some things that people believe to be true without any valid reason that the Bible even supports. So let me discuss five misconceptions that most Christians have about dating.

Myth #1 I can date anyone who do not have the same religion as mine, as long as I will be able to bring him/her to Christ in the future.
Dating a non-believer usually sets a problem later on. Your separate beliefs can lead to conflicts in the future. If you have to compromise your faith to suit the one you are dating, then you are not in the right relationship. The Bible even stated that we “should not be equally yoked with unbelievers.”

Myth #2 Since we go to the same church or we have the same beliefs, this is the guy or girl for me.

Going to the same church doesn’t always mean that this person has fully yielded himself to a Christian life. It takes a good deal of getting to know the other person more, to see if he/she truly has a close personal relationship with Christ.

Myth #3 God reveals to you your lifetime partner the instant that you see him/her.

Finding your lifetime partner should never rely on sudden surge of hormones which some consider to be “love at first sight.” Love in its purest and truest form takes time to grow. It requires acceptance, understanding, patience and respect. It is not something magical and instantaneous, but rather it is a miracle that grows from a process. It takes a lot of knowing before you can truly say that this person is the one that God has prepared for you.

Myth #4 Not showing physical affection can send someone the impression that you don’t love or care for them enough.

Physical affection is good for married couples, but for those who are still dating you should control intimacy to a certain level. And this doesn’t mean that you love them any less, but instead it actually proves otherwise because it shows you respect them to put off any physical desires. You should not compromise spiritual purity because of too much physical affection. And you can do this by simply avoiding situations that would make you vulnerable to temptations. It is even best to hold off on kissing up until your wedding day because usually this can lead to more things that you might regret later. And in most cases, it confuses both parties. If you are dating always keep in mind that both your actions should be pleasing to the Lord.

Myth #5 Dating can hinder me in fully serving the Lord.

Dating is not mentioned in the Bible and it is not even practiced during those times. But in today’s context this is a way for you to get to know a person better before you fully commit to a lifetime relationship with him/her through marriage. Dating is not a hindrance for you to serve the Lord; in fact this is an opportunity for you to be a blessing to another person by living a life that reflects the essence of a true Christian. You might have developed a wrong impression about dating especially after you see the secular type, but you can actually go through the process in a way that would not compromise your relationship with God. Make friends or you can even go to Christian online dating sites to find potential partners.

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